Welcome to Fjellheim gård

Welcome to our small farm - between Oslo and Gardermoen - and right in the middle of nature. On this web site you will find the most important things about Fjellheim.

The farm offers accommodation for pilgrims and others who want a cozy place to stay one night or a few days. We also offer stables with good riding training opportunities, and summer pasture for horses. In addition, we offer contractor services such as excavation and road works, and we produce and sell some firewood.


Ulverudvegen 51, 2016 Frogner
Suzanne (+47) 920 915 87  or Are (+47) 9098 4830

Come here by foot, by train, car or by bike.


In the "Pilgrim Cottage" you can sleep, cook and relax. Take a walk in the woods and pick some berries, Enjoy the view of the horse pastures or watch inspiring riding training.

Up to 7-8 beds, fully equipped kitchen, living room, toilet and a small bath room. 

Rent the whole cabin and have it to yourself, or book a room or just a bed if you are ready to share the place with others.

Read more about the facilities here

Stables and riding training

Fjellheim gård is a private farm with a good social environment. We have 10 boxes, riding hall 22 x 60, large outdoor arena, sand paddocks with frost-free water, some grazing, and good hacking opportunities. Both horses and people like it here.

There are several instructors on site but you can also bring your own here. Courses with guest trainers regularly. Wash place, drying room, washing machine, tack room. High quality analyzed hey, oat and pellets, bedding, letting out with rugs on or off on weekdays. 4 feedings a day. The horse owners cooperate with each other to let out/in afternoons and weekends. We rarely have a free box, but you are welcome to visit and be placed on the waiting list!


We can accommodate 6-8 horses on hilly grass. We check the horses every day and also see parts of the pasture from the living room. Usually 6-8 horses in the herd.

For some reason, it is fortunately a little less insects here than elsewhere. Maybe because the horses are often standing on top of a hill and enjoying a light wind. They find water in the bathtub, but they often drink right from the small river in the bottom of the valley, when there is enough water. They find a little shade some places between trees, otherwise it is sunny. There is a total of about 40.000 m2.